Posted Thu, Feb 4th, 2016
Pain Management Setup for your Laboratory

McKinley Scientific has provided Mass Spectrometry solutions to multiple industries spanning two decades. With the emergence and demand for drug screening confirmations, McKinley Scientific offers equipment, method development and support services as the central foundations to quality drug screening analysis. We will endeavor to educate you based on our history and experience in the pain management arena.

We offer many pre-owned certified LC/MS Instrument packages. We also offer assistance with instrument support services, application support services, site planning, financing, and with assisting to find the proper staff services to run your laboratory.

Once you have identified McKinley Scientific as your partner in choice, your equipment package will be refurbished, your site prepared and your laboratory ready for delivery. Once the instrumentation has been delivered, our technician will install your LC/MS instrument to all manufacturer standards. Finally, a senior technician will be on-site to ensure the setup for a high production pain management laboratory.