Item Description

AB SCIEX 4500 Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer
With Turboionspray Probe, APCI Probe, Turbo V Source, AB-3G Nitrogen Generator, 22080-56R UPS, Analyst Data System, MPX-2 software

Shimadzu LC-20ADXR x 4
Shimadzu LC-20ADXR pump w/4-solvent select valve
Shimadzu DGU-20A5 Degasser x 2
Shimadzu CBM-20A Lite x 3
Shimadzu CTO-20AC
Shimadzu 228-35830-93 100ul Mixer x 2
Shimadzu Reservoir tray x 2
Shimadzu FC2-20AH2 Swirching Valve
MPX-HTS PAL with cooling, DLW, 2 x High Pressure Valco valves, two cooled 3 drawer stacks w/12 sample trays

PM'd, Crated, Shipped and installed


Availability30 Days
Model4500 QQQ
ManufacturerAB SCIEX
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