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The Mariner Biospectrometry Workstation is a high-resolution instrument that contains an orthogonal time-of-flight mass analyzer and a customer designed ionization source interface. The ESI-TOF technology combines with the advantages of rapid sampling of analyze ionized at atmospheric pressure with the high mass accuracy of TOF analysis.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneously detects the entire mass range
  • Provides high resolution and mass accuracy
  • Real-time information from LC analyses
  • Detects non-covalent interactions
  • Provides accurate mass values for precursor and product ions generated from in-source fragmentation
  • Electrical Ratings: 100V~8A, 120V~8A, 240V~4A, 50/60 Hz AC
  • Part number: 601231
  • Serial number: 5025


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ManufacturerPerSeptive Biosystems/ Applied Biosystems
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