“As labs reopen, we’re here to meet your needs.”

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  • Biodirect
  • Boston Microscopes
  • McKinley Scientific

McKinley Scientific has teamed up with Biodirect, BioSurplus and Boston Microscopes in a collaborative campaign to provide a wide range of instrumentation and services to address the increasing demand placed upon the scientific industry.

As your lab reopens and you reevaluate your needs, we stand together ready to help. We have brought together four premier organizations to offer an extensive instrument inventory and menu of services with our combined resources.

Together, we offer the following products & services:

Buy & Sell

  • LCMS

  • Chromatography

  • Liquid Handling Workstations

  • Microplate Readers & Washers

  • Laboratory Automation & Storage

  • Microscopes, Cameras and Imagers

  • General Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment Auctions

  • Asset Liquidation

  • Turnkey solution for facility closures

Equipment Leasing & Financing

  • Leasing and Financing Options to Conserve Your Capital

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    Biodirect is a provider of new and pre-owned laboratory equipment, strategic technology solutions, consulting and asset management experience. Biodirect specializes in liquid handlers, robotics, microplate handlers, and DNA/RNA technologies.  Our factory trained engineers are here to help guide you to the best solution through integration and method development.


    BioSurplus is a leading provider of pre-owned laboratory instruments and asset monetization services. In addition to offering quality and affordable pre-owned laboratory instruments for start-up labs, mid-sized companies, large pharma and academia, BioSurplus assists all organizations with monetizing surplus equipment through its direct purchase, consignment and/or auction programs.

    Boston Microscopes

    Boston Microscopes specializes in the sale of used and new microscopes, cameras, and imagers representing a wide range of Manufacturers. We provide Concierge application-driven support to help determine the best microscope / camera selection for your specific requirements. Boston Microscopes also offers consignment and are always interested in purchasing surplus equipment.

    McKinley Scientific

    McKinley Scientific is an asset management company specializing in the scientific instrument sector. We provide leasing, sourcing, remarketing and recovery of core scientific assets utilized in the analytical and clinical instrument sectors. The core components of our business involve equipment financing, consigning, buying and selling of new and pre-owned equipment. McKinley specializes in LCMS and HPLC technology.