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A LAboratory Asset Management company



McKinley Scientific can provide your organization with a planned approach to the acquisition and disposition of new and used instrumentation to meet your laboratory's needs.

Lower Cost of Laboratory Equipment Ownership

McKinley Scientific can deliver value by lowering the cost of ownership of brand new instrumentation and eliminating the uncertainty of technology obsolescence by carefully planning and forecasting the usage.


Wouldn't it be nice to only pay for the time the instrument is in your lab versus carrying the full burden of a purchase?

Our experience in leasing and financing high end technology will in turn provide you with a consistent opportunity to get the latest available technology.


We Leverage Global Equipment Markets to Meet Client Needs

Our pre-owned program is global. With customers in over 60 countries around the world, we are focused on providing each customer with a high quality product that has been through our very own quality assurance program. Our coordination of shipping, installation and services provides assurance for your purchase.


Whether you are looking to lease, buy, sell, or trade-in your equipment...the McKinley Scientific team has all of your options covered!


Our knowledgeable sales staff can help keep your laboratory current and running to the best of its ability, while also understanding and working within your budget. The McKinley Scientific team will be with you every step of the way through creating a strategy, refurbishing and testing the equipment, shipping, and installing your equipment for an easy transition to your laboratory.

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