General Lab

Thermo 120v Revco -80°C Benchtop Freezer
Thermo Scientific Centrifuge CL2
LJL Biosciences Analyst HT
Thermo Revco REB404A18 Refrigerator
Shimadzu CTO-10ACVP Column Oven
GeneAmp PCR System 9600
Lab Experiment Enclosure
Sorvall RC 3BP+ Centrifuge
Molecular Devices Emax Precision Microplate Reader
Molecular Devices VMAX Microplate Reader
Packard AlphaQuest Analyzer
Perseptive Biosystems Cytofluor 4000
Pharmacia Biotech IPGphor Isoelectric Focusing System
Polytron PT-MR 3100 Homogenizer
Precision Scientific 180 Water Bath
Sartorius BL210S Analytical Balance
Sorvall/Dupont H1000B Rotor with 11053 Buckets
Torrey Pines Scientific Echotherm IC20
Rice Lake Weighing System
Sartorius CP2202S Balance
Sorvall SM-24 Centrifuge Rotor
Lauda Brinkmann WK500
Neslab CFT-25 Chiller Recirculator
Neslab CFT-33 Chiller
Neslab Endocal RTE-110 Heating/Chilling
Thermo Neslab CC 100 Immersion Chiller
Thermo Neslab M25 Chiller
ICN Titertek Multidrop 831
Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST8 Centrifuge
Thermo Centrifuge CL10
Fisher Scientific Electronic Stirrer 2008
Sakura VIP 5 Tissue Processor
Thermo 240V Revco -80°C benchtop freezer
Brinkmann Titrando 809 Titrator
Cell Biosciences Proteinsimple CB 1000 Nanofluidics Immunoassay System
Agilent Technologies Decapper
Picosystem Ultra Hydro
Regenair Blower
Eldex Micropro Dual Syringe Pump
Ethernet Converter IEEE 802.3 10
MeCour Temperature Control
Netgear Gigabit PCI Adapter (FA311 Rev-C1)
Hewlett Packard Series 1050 (model: 79852A)
Masterflex L/S Economy Drive Cole Palmer
On-line Degassing System 2000
Polyscience Floor Mounted Chiller (6360) -10°C to 40°C
Polyscience Model 1167
Polyscience Programmable Temperature Controller
Smart APC 5000
Thermo Scientific Forma 88000 Series Upright Freezer
OHAUS Pioneer Plus PA124C Economy Balance - NEW in the box 120g x 0.0001g (0.1 mg)
Thermo Fisher CellInsight NXT High Content Screening
Nor-lake Scientific NSPR241WWG/0 24 cuft - glass door Refrigerator