Laboratory Instrument Consignment

Consignment- Simply the Easiest Way to Sell Your Surplus Instruments

We do all the work while you do all your science.

In all organizations, monetizing instrumentation that you no longer require needs to happen fast. Low cash offer for a quick sale is often the result.

There is a better asset recovery option if the above is not paramount.  Consider consignment. It's a win-win proposition.

Instrument ConsignmentConsignment is a hassle-free approach to selling your instruments into McKinley’s client base, in the same fashion that gives our buyers a confidence in the quality of the instrument they receive.

Quite simply we will collect your instrument, evaluate any and all refurbishment work to bring it up to specification, so we can re-market and sell it with the guarantees and dependability that our clients expect. This maximizes your asset return.

Buyers will happily invest more in instrumentation when it is refurbished, tested, recalibrated, guaranteed, delivered and installed. That’s the value we provide.

As Consignor and instrument owner, once the sale is complete, your return significantly exceeds any other disposition method. Payments are received upon sale of the asset. 

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