• How does the installation process work?

    McKinley Scientific can provide both the pre-installation and the on-site installation in order to give your newly acquired instrumentation a seamless transition into your laboratory. On-site installation will then be performed by one of our own trained technicians or in certain cases, by the manufacturer themselves.

  • How can I be sure that the equipment I bought will arrive safely to my laboratory?

    Our Shipping & Logistics Manager makes sure that every single package or crate that leaves our facility is packed to the highest standards. The large items are custom packed in crates constructed on-site. Smaller items are double boxed. All items carry warning stickers and where appropriate, "ShockWatch" labels and indicators. We also partner with some of the best in class transport companies that share our values in customer service.

  • How can I be positive that the pre-owned analytical equipment I bought will work?

    We remove the uncertainty of buying used instrumentation by refurbishing, testing, and calibrating the equipment in-house prior to shipping to your laboratory. Our high standard of quality assurance gives us the ability to ensure our customers that buying with McKinley Scientific means that you will get the absolute best out of your pre-owned equipment. Our instruments are McKinley certified! 

  • What warranty can I expect?

    We sell very few instruments on an "As-is" basis. Our standard warranty is 30 days - parts, labor and travel. Warranty is not something that we can include for free. Therefore by offering a 30 day warranty, we are able to keep down the cost of the instrument. 30 days is typically long enough to evaluate the instrument, confirm it's quality, and put it under a service contract with your preferred provider. 

    We offer warranty upgrades from 30 days to 90 days, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months should you wish to purchase additional coverage.

  • How should I decide whether to purchase or lease a mass spectrometer?

    This decision really comes down to the needs or your laboratory: whether you need the highest end technology or whether the leading-edge technology is less of a requirement. Either way, the McKinley Scientific team is here to not only guide you with this decision, but to come up with a program to meet both your personal and budget requirements so that you can get the best value out of your new instrumentation. 

  • What are my options when my lease is up?

    If you financed the equipment, you will purchase the equipment for $1.00 at the end of the financing.

    If you leased the equipment, you should plan to return the equipment on the contracted date. 90 days before the end of lease, we will be in dialogue to discuss which instrument you would like to bring in as a replacement to take advantage of the asset management goal. However, we know circumstances change so we are very flexible in extending the lease for a short period of time, or, give you a purchase option in the unlikely event you would need to keep the instrument.

  • What is asset management?

    Asset management is the ability to forecast the useful life of an instrument in a laboratory through a lease. A lease provides you with the ability to constantly have the newest and top of the line technology in your laboratory.

  • How can McKinley Scientific help me liquidate my analytical instrumentation?

    When it comes down to liquidating your surplus instrumentation or even all of your instrumentation, it is important to put it in the hands of experts. The McKinley Scientific team has the industry experience & instrument knowledge to get you the maximum value on your surplus instruments. After agreeing to work together, we can have all of your instrumentation photographed, documented, and valued within 1-3 days.

  • What are my payment options if I lease a brand new mass spectrometer?

    There are many different leasing options. If you qualify for a lease with McKinley Scientific you can prepay, make monthly, quarterly, or annual payments.