Asset ManagementAre you looking for a way to constantly lease the highest-end technology desired to catapult your research?  If so, than you should look no further than speaking with a McKinley Scientific representative about customizing the perfect asset management program for your company.

Successful asset management stems from the ability to forecast the useful life of an instrument in a laboratory. Armed with this knowledge, research and development organizations can proactively plan. Newer technology can be acquired to coincide with the timely disposal of older instrumentation, maximizing the value back into the budget.

The mechanism that controls a successful asset management program is a lease. A lease is put into place on an instrument with a definite end date. Notification provided prior to the lease expiring. This is the catalyst which drives the replacement technology, and the de-installation and certification of the older technology which will be returned to McKinley Scientific.

A comprehensive, systematic asset management program could take years to fully implement. The first step is for your company to evaluate your equipment needs based on business drivers. Establish an equipment replacement plan that meets personnel and budget requirements. McKinley Scientific will determine the market value for current scientific equipment and help establish the useful life, economic life, and future utility value for all new equipment. Establish an equipment renting/ leasing process that coordinates the scientist's equipment needs with finance and procurement.