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Workplace Mass Spectrometer Workstation 6803-01




Shipping is:
$750 Flat Rate Freight - East Coast
$1,250 Flat Rate Freight - West Coast

Sound Dampening Vacuum Pump Enclosure, Slide Tray for Dispensing Tank and Storage Drawers

72" L x 31" D x 36" H

Mass Spec Workstation Features
Phenolic resin tops are highly resistant to chemicals, moisture, and bacteria.
The sound-dampening foam-encased vacuum pump enclosure includes a heavy-duty pull-out tray and fans for active cooling. Standard pump tray is 31″W. Some models include 46″W large pump tray.
Additional slide-tray for easy access to dispensing tank.
Total Lock Casters for mobility and rigidity.
Drawers for supply storage (locks optional).

Mass Spec Workstations Design Standards
Supports in excess of 1,000 pounds of instrumentation and accessories.
Available in 9 standard sizes.
Standard power features 20 Amp/120 Volt electrics with multiple receptacles.
Additional power options are available.
Chemical-resistant phenolic resin tops.
Mass Spec Workstation Accessories
Floating Arm for Monitor & Keyboard (1 available)
Computer Caddy
Specialized Powerstrip
Cord trough for tubing and wiring storage
Side mount Bottle Tray for dispensing tank
Reagent/Solvent Mobile Tray
MSRP: Over $8k each plus freight.

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