AB Sciex 5600+ Plus Triple Quad

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TripleTOF 5600+ System

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.The TripleTOF 5600+ System is an innovation in LC-MS/MS performance that uniquely integrates comprehensive, qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform. It combines high-sensitivity detection, high resolution with the fast acquisition speeds, and stable mass accuracy over days of acquisition.Expanding upon the capabilities of TripleTOF Technology, the 5600+ System provides broader applicability in pharmaceutical development and a new paradigm in proteomics research.Featuring:

  • MS/MSALL with SWATH™ Acquisition – enabling comprehensive MS/MS quantitation in proteomics
  • Tools for 21 CFR 11 Compliance – in Analyst® TF 1.6 and MultiQuant™ Software, bringing the power of accurate mass to regulated bioanalysis
  • Optional SelexION™ Technology – for an additional dimension of separation
  • High resolution at unparalleled speed with 10 msec accumulation time
  • EasyMass™ Accuracy – without constant recalibration, over 50 hours of continuous LC-MS operation provides stable mass accuracy.
  • SmartSpeed™ 100Hz Acquisition – delivering high resolution for high-speed chromatography with up to 100 spectra in a second – even in Information-Dependent Acquisition (IDA) mode
  • Sensitive, high-resolution system – low limits of quantitation (LOQ) for a high-resolution system and equivalent to high-performance triple quadrupoles

Key Features included with the Mass Spectrometer:

  • V-Spray Source
  • Data Acquisition Workstation
  • Dell LCD Monitor
  • Standard Roughing Pump
  • Calibration Delivery System



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