Bio-Tek Instruments Precision 2000

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Bio-Tek Instruments Precision 2000 is a 96/384 Well Automated Microplate Pipetting System. Precision is an innovative solution for automated 96/384-well microplate liquid handling. With its ability to perform virtually any routine liquid transfer, Precision replaces manual pipetting. The configurable multi-station platform and powerful onboard software allow for customized applications. The unique XY transport design provides effortless 96- to 384-well plate transfers interfaced to Precision via an available Developer's Package.

Key Features:

  • 96- and 384-well
  • Bulk Dispense
  • Fluid delivery: Pipette (Air displacement syringes) & Dispenser (Microprocessor controlled syringe pump)
  • Automation is compatible with BioStack Microplate Stacker and BioStack Twister II Microplate Handler (8 channel models only)
  • Active X is available for other integrations
  • Onboard software: up to 80 protocols can be created and stored for instant recall
  • Dispensing: Syringe pump
  • Dispensing speed: Dispense 100 µL to 96-well plate: < 14 seconds
  • Dispense accuracy: ±1% at 100 µL typical
  • Dispense precision <1.5% CV at 100 µL typical
  • Pipette: 8-Channel or 12-Channel (1-120 µL per channel)
  • Pipette tips: BioTek and other standard pipette tips
  • Dimensions of the instrument only: 15"D x 21"W x 16"H (374mm D x 525mm W x 400mm H)



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