Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator

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McKinley Scientific is now a value-added re-seller of Peak Scientific's Nitrogen Generators. Instead of going through two companies to purchase your mass spectrometer with us and then a nitrogen generator with Peak Scientific, you can now get everything in one shot at McKinley Scientific to make your mass spectrometer run smoothly.

The Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator is specifically designed for use with LCMS instruments incorporating the Agilent Chip Cube system. The Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator is Peak Scientific's proven solution for customers requiring a source of nitrogen which is switchable between standard LCMS grade Nitrogen and the 10% Oxygen Nitrogen required for Chip Cube. The Genius 3023 combines two individual systems with separate Nitrogen outputs into a single compact unit, thus allowing two separate Mass Spectrometers to be supplied by the same Generator with independent control.



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Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator


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