Nano Temper Monolith NT Automated - Measure binding Affinity in minutes

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Monolith Systems use MicroScale Thermophoresis technology to easily measure protein interactions & binding affinity for a broad range of applications

Get results quickly
Capture measurements in minutes not hours or even days. Collect more information and make better decisions on what to do next, sooner.

Measure any sample type
Easily measure binding interactions between molecules of different sizes, molecular weights or pM to mM binding affinities.

Consume very little sample
Generating sample is already hard enough and using it all up for analysis is heartbreaking. Get Kd values with just a tiny amount of sample.

Do minimal sample prep
Saving a bit of time here and there adds up so the less time prepping samples, the better. Analyze samples in any buffer or bioliquid and in close-to-native conditions. And purification or immobilization isn't needed either.

Optimize assays easily
Feedback is immediate and doesn't take days or weeks to get up and running—this makes optimizing assays so much easier.

Evaluate the most difficult targets
Running into a roadblock? Get results even when other methods don't work.



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