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Efficient, simple plug & spray™ operation

New Objective has taken the industry-proven high-performance of their PicoFrit® columns, incorporated a factory-verified onboard high-voltage connection, and integrated it all in a simple to use, rugged form.The column tip is safely protected inside the PicoChip until ready for use. When placed on the source, the tip is exposed and the voltage connection is made.

High performance. High throughput.

The new PicoChip™ Nanospray System has been developed in close collaboration with leading pharmaceutical scientists to deliver simplicity and ease in operation—without compromising performance or sensitivity. The industry-proven performance of the PicoFrit column is at the heart of the PicoChip. Spraying off the end of the column means ultimate sensitivity.

Analytical powerhouse for just $4,999*

At the heart of the PicoChip is our industry-tested and proven PicoFrit column. Like the PicoFrit, the PicoChip column is available in literally thousands of different configurations, with customer-specified inner diameter and tip opening dimensions, chromatography media, and bed length*. New Objective can also custom pack a PicoChip with the media you supply.

*U.S. pricing. Contact McKinley Scientific.



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