Shimadzu Prominence Rack Changer

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Item Description

With the optional Rack Changer using 12 microtiter plates on 4 stacks sample capacity can be increased to 1152 plus 10 standard vials. Each of the 4 stacks can hold up to 3 microtiter plates or deep well microtiter plates. Different autosampler needle stroke settings allow for parallel use of microtiter plates and deep well plates. During operation stacks which are currently not processed can be removed and filled with microtiter plates, which increases work efficiency. The powerful Peltier elements and the well designed isolation of the Rack Changer/C type allows for sample cooling and heating from 4° -40° C.

Combining the Rack Changer with an injection speed of 10 seconds per injection and the excellent LC-20 series gradient pumps makes Prominence an ideal system for Fast HPLC and LC/MS/MS. Compared to common autosamplers with typical cycle times from 30-60 seconds, SIL-20A will provide at least 5 hours economy of time when running 12 microtiter plates.

Key Features:

  • Model: RACK CHANGER/ C
  • CAT. NO: 228-45030-32
  • SERIAL NO: L20104500157 SS
  • 110-120V~, 50-60Hz, 350



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SIL-20A Rack Changer





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