Thermo Quantum Ultra with FAIMS

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The Thermo Quantum Ultra with FAIMS is a 2006 instrument in excellent condition. 

The TSQ Quantum Ultra with FAIMS is the benchmark triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS for pharmaceutical, environmental, food safety, clinical research, and forensics analysis. This system features the innovative QED-MS/MS scan mode for unmatched sensitivity and selectivity.

The TSQ Quantum Ultra with FAIMS is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer designed to meet the strict analytical requirements of pharmaceutical, environmental, food safety, clinical research, and forensics laboratories. Based on the proven performance of the TSQ Quantum platform, it sets the benchmark for sensitivity and specificity. Innovative technology advantages such as Highly Selective Reaction monitoring H-SRM and high-Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS), previously available only on advanced tandem mass spectrometers, are available features of the Access. Continuing the tradition of innovation, the TSQ Quantum Ultra with FAIMS features QED-S/MS that allows for simultaneous quantitative and qualitative analysis. QED-MS/MS stands for "Quantification-Enhanced Data-Dependant MS/MS." The specificity provided by H-SRM followed by QED-MS/MS provides uncompromised quantitative performance at low levels followed by a fast, highly specific full MS/MS scan for confirmation.

It has faster LC-MS/MS Method Development. The TSQ Quantum Ultra with FAIMS includes a database of methodologies for the analysis of pesticides, azo dyes and banned pharmaceuticals in water and food residues. Coupled to the Accela fast LC system with 1.9um Hypersil Gold column technology, faster LC-MS/MS methods can be developed without compromising chromatographic resolution. The fast switching detection system on the TSQ Quantum Ultra with FAIMS, along with the Accela LC system, provides an integrated platform for the analysis of unknowns in complex matrices associated with environmental and food safety analysis.

Key Features:

  • Mass range m/z 30-3000 QED-MS/MS
  • A new technique for simultaneous quantitation and analyte identification
  • Over 300 H-SRM acquisitions for confidence in multi-component screening
  • H-SRM standard for superior quantisation
  • H-SRM triggered data dependent full scan MS/MS
  • Neutral loss
  • Precursor ion scans
  • Full Dynamic Exclusion Capability
  • FAIMS compatible for ultimate specificity
  • Fast positive/ negative switching
  • Robust IonMax source with all options



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Quantum Ultra with FAIMS


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