Waters Nanoacquity with 2D Technology

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The nanoACQUITY UPLC® System with 2D Technology expands the use of sub-2-micron particles to achieve high peak capacity separations. This innovative system effectively uses two-dimensional (2D) UPLC for better chromatographic resolution of complex proteomic samples by using a dual reversed-phase (RP) approach.
Conventional 2D-LC uses ion exchange (IEX) followed by reversed- phase (RP). Any IEX approach will use salt-containing buffers that can cause ionization background and fouling problems if they enter a mass spectrometer (MS). Since IEX separations are based solely on the charge of the peptide, the IEX dimension often results in poor chromatographic resolution with peptides appearing in multiple fractions, making data interpretation difficult.
This improved 2D approach uses RP at pH 10 in the first dimension, followed by RP at pH 2 in the second dimension for results that far exceeds those of conventional IEX methodolgies.
High-resolution in both dimensions by exploiting the wide-ranging ionic and hydrophobic structure of peptides
Better protein identifications, quantification, and sequence coverage
Improved separation, method generation wizards, and enhanced data algorithms



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