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We currently have an AB Sciex API 5000 LC/MS/MS available. The API 5000 LC/MS/MS System is a sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for small molecule analysis.

Key Features:

  • Detector type: Pulse Counting CEM
  • Ionization Sources: TurboIonSpray, APCI, DuoSpray, PhotoSpray
  • Scan types: Q1 MS, Q3 MS, Product Ion, Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss or Gain, MRM
  • Highest sensitivity for small molecule analysis
  • Lowest limits of detection for DMPK and ADMET studies
  • Robust, high-throughput platform for all stages of pharmaceutical development
  • Accuracy and precision for quantitative analysis
  • Elimiates Cross-Contamination

and includes Nexera LC-30AD (2), SIL-30ACMP, CBM-20A, DGU-20A5

Shimadzu Nexera MP system is based on the SIL-30ACMP autosampler, a high capacity, ultra-fast injector ideal for an MS front end. Many laboratories in areas such as R&D, pharmacokinetics, pain management, and contract labs are striving for increased sample throughput. The SIL-30ACMP delivers, with capacity of 6 MTP (576 samples), 6 MTP384 (2304 samples), or 6 1.5 mL vial trays (324 samples). Users can mix and match rack/tray types to accommodate samples from automated prep into plates or manual pipetting into vials. Advanced materials technology for sample-contacting parts, coupled with extensive internal and external rinsing options produce near-zero carryover, making the SIL-30ACMP the fastest and cleanest autosampler on the market.