Our Agilent LC stock is fluid. We stock many Agilent LC components which we use to build standalone LCs or for the front-ends for a Mass Spectrometer. We stock some older 1100 and 1200 series, and 1260 and 1290 components. We also buy your used Agilent LCs

Pumps: G1310A, G1310B, G1311A, G1311B, G1311D, G1312A, G1312B, G1312C, G1312D, G1376A, G1376B, G2226A, G2226B

AS: G1329A, G1329B, G1313A, G1313B, G1367A, G1367B, G1367C, G1367D, G1367E, G1377A, G1389A, G7167A Multisampler, G7167B Multisampler

Degasser: G1322A, G1379A, G1379B, G4223A

Controller: G1323A, G1323B, G4208A

Column Oven: G1316A, G1316B, G1316C

Detectors: G1314A, G1314B, G1315A, G1315B, G1315C, G1315D, G1321A, G1321B, G1362A, G1362B, G1365A, G1365B

Computers: Chemstation Workstations