Item ID: 25088069013


The Beckman-Coulter Sagian Microplate Sealing Station offers a viable solution to spillage inherent in detectors and incubators and creates a barrier to prevent external well-to-well contamination. The plate sealing station accepts most 96-well plate formats, including filtration plates for ambient or freezer storage to -20°C. The pneumatic mechanism assures smooth, quiet operation. The Sagian Sealer Station can operate in manual or remote modes. In the remote mode the unit accepts serial commands for automated operation. The ORCA Robot places the plate into the Sealer, which activates the placement of a plastic membrane over the top of the plate. Two proprietary adhesives for use in cold storage and thermal cycling applications protect well contents from contamination and evaporation. The Sagian Sealer is operated automatically through the host computer’s use of SAMI NT scheduling software.


  • Manufacturer’s P/N: 147376
  • Serial number: 4000A44597
  • 100-240 V, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz