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The Ciphergen ProteinChip® SELDI (Surface-Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization) MS system is a low cost MALDI TOF. It is used to rapidly perform the separation detection and analysis of proteins at the femtomole quantities using biological samples directly, without the need for pre-analytical extractions or sample-preparation. The ProteinChip® System detects and accurately calculates the mass of compounds ranging from small molecules and peptides of less than 1000 Da up to proteins of 500 kDa or more based on measured time-of-flight.

Key Features:

  • Rebuilt/ Refurbished Bio-Rad Ciphergen ProteinChip® System
  • New Pentium IV Computer System
  • ProteinChip® 3.2.2 software
  • 110/220 Volts
  • 50/60 Amps