Item ID: 25088069114


Eksigent NanoLC System

Key Features:

  • NanoLC- Ultra 2D System (serial number: 10-01-14-187)
  • Dual gradient pump: 1-10 ul/min for gradient 1, 50-500 nl/min for gradient
  • Max pressure 10,000 psi
  • Temperature controlled column compartment with one 10 port column switching valve
  • Eksigent control software and NanoLC start-up kit
  • CTC, HTC PAL without TraySet (serial number: 142758)
  • CTC Analytics HTC PAL autosampler configured for use with the ExpressLC-100 instrument. Includes dual wash station, 50 uL injection syrings (2), hand-held controller and installation kit
  • 6 Position Cool Stack, CTC  for HTC and IFC PAL autosamplers
  • Valve Mntg, CTC PAL
  • Injection valve kit for use with CTC PAL autosampler. Includes 6 port, 10,000 psi 1/32″ injection valve with actuator, mounting bracket and injection port assembly.

*Does not include computer.