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Used Genius AB-3G is refurbished with PM service prior to shipping and comes with a limited 12 month warranty

The Genius AB3G Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with the AB SCIEX Range of LC/MS instruments, up to and including the API 5500. This Premium model offers safeguards that are unique to Peak Scientific generators and effectively deliver reassurance and confidence for critical functions

  • Gas Type: Nitrogen
  • Min Gas Flow: 0L/min
  • Max Gas Flow: 12L/min
  • Max Output Pressure: 80psi/5.5bar

  • Gas Type: Air
  • Max Gas Flow: 24L/min
  • Max Output Pressure: 110psi/7.6bar

  • Gas Type: Air
  • Max Gas Flow: 8L/min
  • Max Output Pressure: 60