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The GS FLX+ System features the unique combination of long reads, exceptional accuracy and high-throughput, making the system well suited for larger genomic projects. The GS FLX System has been at the heart of key breakthrough genomic discoveries and over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications to date. Advancements in sequencing chemistry, instrumentation and software offer the latest improvements in GS FLX System performance, with read lengths up to 1 kb. Available as an on-site instrument upgrade or new instrument, the GS FLX+ System is designed for use with both the new long-read Sequencing Kit XL+ and existing Sequencing Kit XLR70.

True capillary sequencing-like read lengths: Continuous development of the GS FLX Titanium chemistry now offers read lengths up to 1 kb. Flexible sequencing formats: Broad selection of gaskets and Multiplex Identifiers (MIDs) enables efficient use of sequencing runs. Point-and-click data analysis: Included GS Data Analysis Software for de novo assembly, reference mapping and amplicon variant analysis.

High-throughput sequencing for a wide range of applications:
▪    Whole Genome Sequencing: De novo sequencing of large, complex organisms or multiple bacterial genomes in a single run
▪    Transcriptome Sequencing: Full-length de novo sequencing and assembly of complex organisms
▪    Amplicon Sequencing: High-throughput sequencing of 100s to 1,000s of samples and loci
▪    Sequence Capture: Targeted resequencing of whole exomes or large capture regions
▪    Metagenomics: Characterization of complex environmental samples; pathogen discovery

GS FLX+ Instrument: The fluidics subsystem facilitates accurate dispensing, flow and removal. The optics subsystem consists of a CCD camera which captures the light emitted in the PicoTiterPlate device wells during the sequencing. The computer subsystem controls the fluidics and optics subsystems and processes the digital images sent by the camera to extract the DNA sequence information.