Item ID: 25088069148


SHIMADZU LCMS 8050 Triple Quad.

Labsolutions Software and Dongle, LCMS-8050 with UPLC: LC-30AD pump x 2, SIL-30ACMP Multi Autosampler, CBM-20A  Controller, DGU-20A5R  Degasser, CTO-20AC. Instrument will be PM’d and fully re-calibrated prior to delivery and installation

  • Optional Service Contract
  • Optional Nitrogen Generator
  • Optional UPS

Enhancements in chromatography and sub-2 micron columns have caused narrower peak widths, increasing resolution. In addition to high-resolution columns, analysts are demanding shorter chromatographic run times while adding more analytes to a single method. With these two factors at play, it is clear that the LCMS-8050 ultra fast mass spectrometer is needed in order to accurately and reliably detect each compound in a sample.