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The Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Discovery is an affordable entry into Hi-Res mass spectrometry and provides accessibility to the breakthrough LTQ Orbitrap technology for a wide range of labs. The robust, powerful and cost-effective system is ideally suited for general proteomics and metabolism applications, offering a superior alternative to Q-TOF systems. Featuring high resolution and excellent accurate mass capabilities, this hybrid LC-MS system achieves high throughput label-free profiling for differential expression while the MSn capability makes the instrument ideal for small molecule characterization and structural elucidation. The LTQ Orbitrap Discovery is a highly sensitive system with up to 30K resolution power and an exceptional scan rate, enabling the separation of trace level, isobaric analyte.

Key Features:

  • IonMax
  • ESI
  • APCI
  • Chiller
  • Xcalibur data system
  • Powervar UPS

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