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The Waters QTOF Premier has been both refurbished and tested. This time of flight mass spectrometer also comes with Nanolockspray. Optional Acquity UPLC available.


T-Wave (Travelling Wave) technology, offers significant enhancements in mass measurement accuracy, dynamic range (pDRE), sensitivity (Enhanced Duty Cycle) and speed. If you want to quantify, identify and characterize compounds from simple or complex mixtures, Waters Q-Tof Premier offers the finest blend of innovative analytical capabilities for results you’ll have the ultimate confidence in.

  • High sensitivity — High transmission efficiency of ZSpray source technology, T-Wave ion optics, T-Wave collision cell and oa-Tof transmission result in high sensitivity
  • High resolution — Up to 17,500 FWHM with W-OpticsHigh mass measurement capability — Routine exact mass measurement (3 ppm RMS) in MS and MS/MS with LockSpray and NanoLockSpray
  • Enhanced speed — Faster TDC (4 GHZ) delivers acquisition speeds of up to 20 spectra per second—compatible with UPLC-based separations
  • Dynamic Range Enhancement (pDRE) — Equipped with programmable DRE function, which enables quantitation and exact mass measurement over 4 orders of magnitude
  • Enhanced Duty Cycle — Enables enhanced sensitivity over targeted m/z ranges for detection of modified components
  • Resolving quadrupole — 4, 8 and 32k Da optionsm/z range — up to 100,000 in V-OpticsIntelligent, automated MS/MS acquisition — Data Directed Analysis (DDA) and Precursor Ion Discovery
  • Source options — LockSpray, NanoLockSpray (included), IonSABRE, APCI, ESCi and APPI