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Maximizing Your Lab's Potential: LC/MS Sale-Leaseback

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

LC/MS Sale Leaseback

Introducing Lab Link: Connecting Your Scientific Ambitions with Financial Possibilities


In this article, we delve into the innovative concept of LC/MS sale-leaseback, one strategic move that that can revolutionize the financial landscape of your laboratory operations.

Unleash Financial Freedom Picture this: Your laboratory's LC/MS instruments are generating impressive results! But what if we told you that you could optimize your scientific endeavors while simultaneously unlocking capital for your next project? Enter the LC/MS sale-leaseback, a game-changing financial arrangement brought to you by McKinley Scientific and McKinley Capital Finance!!! You sell your LC/MS instrument at the current/fair market value and we lease it back to you!!! Let's get into it...

1. Financial Flexibility for Your Ambitions With LC/MS sale-leaseback, you're not just selling your instruments; you're opening a gateway to financial flexibility. The moment you entrust your LC/MS instruments to McKinley Scientific, a surge of capital becomes available to you. These funds can be strategically allocated into critical areas like staffing, training, equipment acquisition, and even expansion. Your laboratory's dreams are no longer constrained by budget limitations.

2. Budget with Certainty Imagine a budget that's not just a rough estimate but a calculated certainty. Lease payments under this arrangement are fixed, providing a roadmap for your financial planning – be it monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This level of predictability empowers you to allocate resources more effectively, leaving no room for guessing and questions. Also, these lease payments are recognized as business expenses, offering potential tax advantages. (Win - Win)

3. Stay Ahead of the Curve Science waits for no one, and technology evolves rapidly. Fear not, for with LC/MS sale-leaseback, your lab can stay on the cutting edge. Outdated equipment is a thing of the past, as you have the option to upgrade to newer LC/MS instruments at the end of the lease term. McKinley Scientific presents you with a seamless transition to the latest LC/MS instruments via leasing or financing.

4. Tailored Lease Terms for your Lab's Needs Navigating asset management can sometimes weigh down your laboratory's primary objectives. But there is a game-changing approach – lease terms that match your precise requirements. Imagine paying for a LC/MS instrument only as long as you need it. McKinley Capital Finance leasing allows you to align costs with the instrument's utility.

5. Mitigate Risks, Maximize Rewards Owning LC/MS instruments comes with inherent risks – depreciation, maintenance challenges, and the looming potentials of obsolescence. LC/MS sale-leaseback shifts these risks to McKinley Scientific. Your laboratory gains a safety net against setbacks, allowing you to navigate with more confidence.

Unlock Your Lab's Potential Today The LC/MS sale-leaseback offered by McKinley Scientific isn't just a transaction; it's an investment in your laboratory's growth. Experience financial freedom and budgeting precision all while mitigating risks and optimizing asset management.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Contact McKinley Scientific today to explore how LC/MS sale-leaseback can transform your laboratory's future. Your vision is our priority, and with LC/MS sale-leaseback, the possibilities are limitless. #liquidchromoatography #massspectrometry

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