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2019 Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid with easy-ETD




Type Orbitrap LC-MS
Dynamic Range >5000 with a single OTMS spectrum
Mass Range Standard mass range: 50 to 2000 m/z
Mid mass range: 200 to 6000 m/z
Optemonal HMRn mass range: 500 to 8000 m/z
Mass Accuracy Orbitrap mass accuracy:
<3 ppm RMS using external calibration
<1 ppm RMS using internal calibration
Resolution 7500 to 500,000 (FWHM) at m/z 200
Scan Rates OTMSn: Up to 40 Hz
ITMSn: Up to 45 Hz
Polarity Switching One Full Cycle in < 1.1 sec
Description Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid MS - Electron Transfer Dissociation Ready (Easy-ETD)
Includes Easy Electron Transfer Dissociation (includes Easy-IC)
Dimensions (D x W x H) 30 x 50 x 28 in. (77 x 127 x 70 cm)
Weight (Metric) 180 kg (400 lb.)

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