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Bruker EVOQ Elite TQ




Bruker EVOQ LC MS MS triple quadrupole systems provide analysts with a LC-MS platform designed for a singular purpose – to reliably quantify thousands of target analytes from real samples in the fastest sample-to-report time possible. These systems deliver exceptional sensitivity, precision, accuracy, linearity, and a wide dynamic range for your multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assays. Innovations in software and atmospheric pressure ionization (API) technology make it a game changer for routine high-sensitivity, quantitative analysis.
Key Benefits:
Easily obtain ultra-high sensitivity for small molecules and biomolecules as a result of the innovative interlaced quadrupole (IQ) dual ion funnel.
Confidently run matrix-rich samples on the robust orifice plate based API interface.
Efficiently analyze thermally labile molecules at high flow rates with the novel vacuum insulated probe (VIP) heated electrospray probe.
Save time using exception-based data-review software that makes it easier to highlight chromatograms that do not meet preset method criteria
Software with Windows computer
Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor 22″
Connection Cables
Vacuum Pump

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