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Dionex Ultimate 3000 AFC-3000 Fraction Collector




The AFC-3000 Automated Fraction Collector is a rugged and flexible fraction collector, ideal for preparative reversed-phase or normal-phase HPLC as well as purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleotides.The AFC‑3000 manages analytical and semipreparative to preparative flow rates. It collects fractions into an industry-leading variety of vessels, such as 96 well plates, standard vial and tube sizes, and bottles. A funnel rack directs virtually unlimited volumes into any bottle or reactor.

Rugged and easy-to-use design
Resistant against a broad range of solvents, buffers, acids, and bases
Flow rates up to 150 mL/min
Smallest possible carryover through minimized delay volume between valve and drop former
Very fast tube changes
Large variety of collection vessels
Large capacity, holds up to 180 tubes or 4 × 96 well plates
Optional grounded drop former for safe operation with normal phase eluents
Optional kit for improved performance at low flow rates
Ideally suited for working with sophisticated Chromeleon® software fraction collection features

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