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LEAP CTC PAL HTS-XT - customized configurations available




PAL HTS-xt system is designed to meet requirements in terms of speed, capacity and precision in the chromatography front end automation. The PAL HTS-xt is the ideal platform for high throughput applications.
Key Features:
• High- throughput
• 4 valve operation for parallel or staggered sample analysis
• 2 or 3- valve operation multidimensional chromatography
• Upgradable with the PAL Dilutor Option
• Precise and accurate sample loading
• 96/384 standard or deepwell microplates
• Injects samples out of 1 mL/ 2 mL/ 10 mL/ 20 mL vials or various types of test tubes directly into the LC valve

We have a number of units of differing configurations and we can custom configure for your needs

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