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Mint condition Diatron P-500 Intelligent Chemistry Analyzer - like new




This instrument was installed and has not been used in production. The P500 will come with installation, training and a full 12 month warranty

Key Features:

Intelligent software
High quality components
Multi-functional pipetting arm
User friendly interface
Uninterrupted workflow
Inventory management
Remote access & diagnostics
Cost effective operation
Throughput (tests/hour) 300, typical 215, 480 with ISE
Sample Racks/Positions per rack: 5 / 19
Samples on-board capacity: 95
Sample volume (μL): 2 – 100
Optional direct 4-ISE module
Reaction volume (μL): 180 – 500
PMMA reusable/single use cuvettes on board (in segments of five): 80
Time to first result (seconds): 45
Serum, plasma, urine, CSF and other sample types can be used
Refrigerated reagent tray: 7 – 9 ?C
Refrigerated on-board single reagents/tests: 72
Water Consumption (Litre/hour) ≈2
Up to 3 different reagents per test
Internal Barcode Reader for samples, sectors and reagents
Crash and collision detection
Reagent pre-heater
Clot detection
QC: graphical and statistical; Westgaard rules indicated,
Levey-Jennings plots, twin QC and box whisker plots
Weight (kg/lbs) 95 / 209
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) (cm) 90 x 66 x 62

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