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Refurbished Shimadzu SIL-20AC Autosampler




The SIL-20AC is equipped with a sample cooler with a built-in dehumidifier to minimize condensation problems. Samples can be maintained at a fixed temperature from 4ºC to 40ºC. Temperature equilibration is rapid and uniform, so heat or cold sensitive sample constituents remain stable.
Adsorption of sample constituents has been reduced to an absolute minimum. Enhancements include:
Special needle treatment (patent pending) – masks active sites and minimizes ionic interactions
One piece injection port/needle seal at valve center – eliminates sample transfer tubing
Redesigned needle seal to minimize surface area
Low-adsorption valve materials
These advancements combine to eliminate cross contamination – even with difficult basic and hydrophobic compounds. For especially difficult samples, dual-solvent rinsing is available.
High Speed/Throughput – 10s for a 10 µL injection
Ultra-high-speed sample processing – 10 seconds for a 10 µL injection – is now possible with the SIL-20A/20AC. Used together with a high-speed separation column makes an analysis cycle time of less than one minute a reality.
Precise Sample Injection
Greater injection volume accuracy has been attained by incorporating a high-performance precision metering pump. Injection volumes of less than 1 µL are possible, and the direct injection method means valuable samples are never wasted.
Optional Rack Changer
Significantly Increases Sample Capacity
With increased speed, capacity becomes a limiting factor for unattended operation. The optional rack changer automatically loads microplates into the SIL-20A/AC sample compartment. The 12-plate capacity ensures convenient processing of over 1000 samples. The “C” model changer has the same plate capacity and incorporates a 4ºC to 40ºC cooling function, matching that of the SIL-20AC.

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