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SCIEX ExionLC UV Detector




Equivalent to Shimadzu SPD-20A
Offers an exceptional level of sensitivity and stability. Taking sensitivity to the limit, the ExionLC UVD has a noise level of 0.5×10-5 AU max., making it the world’s most sensitive UV-Vis detector (ASTM Standards).
Greater Baseline Stability
Supplied as standard, a temperature-controlled flow cell eliminates inconsistencies caused by changes in absorbance due to shifts in room temperature. This helps increase the baseline stability and the analysis reliability.
Superior Linearity – 2.5AU
Using newly developed signal processing technology, the stray-light correction function has been enhanced, and the linearity has been improved. This expanded linearity combines with various noise-reduction technologies to provide users with a wide dynamic range and allow for the analysis of your target compound and minor impurities in a single run.
Internal Validation Protocol
The incorporation of a low-pressure mercury lamp for wavelength calibration ensures simple calibration in the ultraviolet region.
Dual-Wavelength Measurement
Monitor two components in the UV or VIS range simultaneously

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