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Thermo Scientific CL2 Benchtop Centrifuge




Versatile and convenient
Microprocessor-based controls ensure consistent, accurate results
Intuitive interface is glove-friendly and allows quick time and speed adjustments
Large LED display shows current parameters
High capacity spins up to 28 x 5mL (13mm) blood tubes and 8 x 50mL conicals
Speeds—up to 4675xG—provide separating power for multiple application needs
At-speed timer begins timing run at maximum speed, ensuring consistent results between runs regardless of rotor load
Small footprint requires minimal bench space
Lightweight and easy to transport
Sealed Aerocarrier* inserts ensure biocontainment per OSHA bloodborne pathogen requirements
Broad library of optional swinging bucket/fixed angle rotors and adapters add versatility
Only 15ml vial buckets available with order

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