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Tomtec Elutrix SPE system with Harvey Unit




Tomtec Elutrix SPE system with Harvex Unit is an express sample loading system. There are ninety-six discreet flow paths, which are formed by the Harvex to insure that there is no cross contamination. The Vacuum is applied to the to of the card to draw reagents through the card. Simply change the reservoir or microtiter plate on the sample loading tray to activate, load, sample, and wash the cards. Samples can be loaded from microtiter plates or test tubes in the 96 well format. No dry-down or reconstitution steps are required. The complete preparation of a 96 well card can be performed in less than 5 minutes. Sample Elution Empore cards are eluted directly to the detector (Mass Spec, UV…) using the Elutrix. Each zone is individually sealed, and a switching valve is activated to pass the mobile phase through the elution zone. The 96 zones on the card can be processed using four pre-programmed patterns, or in any order chosen by the customer utilizing up to 25 custom patterns. The Elutrix and the detector are synchronized via hardware signals to ensure accurate timing when processing the sample. The system is designed for running single cards or unattended operation with as many as thirty cards using the stacking cassettes.

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