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Waters QTOF Premier




The Q-Tof Premier is a high-performance platform for MS and MS/MS analyses incorporating:
High sensitivity— High transmission efficiency of ZSpray source technology, T-Wave ion optics, T-Wave collision cell and oa-Tof transmission result in high sensitivity
High resolution— Up to 17,500 FWHM with W-Optics
High mass measurement capability— Routine exact mass measurement (3 ppm RMS) in MS and MS/MS with LockSpray and NanoLockSpray
Enhanced speed— Faster TDC (4 GHZ) delivers acquisition speeds of up to 20 spectra per second—compatible with UPLC-based separations
Dynamic Range Enhancement (pDRE)— Equipped with programmable DRE function, which enables quantitation and exact mass measurement over 4 orders of magnitude
Enhanced Duty Cycle— Enables enhanced sensitivity over targeted m/z ranges for detection of modified components (e.g. in Precursor Ion Discovery)
MALDI— Exchangeable vacuum MALDI source enabling large scale MALDI MS and MS/MS analyses—compatible with 96- and 384-spot target plates
Resolving quadrupole— 4, 8 and 32k Da options
m/z range— up to 100,000 in V-Optics
Intelligent, automated MS/MS acquisition— Data Directed Analysis (DDA) and Precursor Ion Discovery
Source options— LockSpray, NanoLockSpray, IonSABRE, APCI, ESCi and APPI
Ergonomics— industrial design, reduced instrument footprint

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