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Waters Synapt G2-S HiRes




The SYNAPT G2-S provides a 30X improvement in signal intensity for mass spectral peaks, better than a 5X improvement in signal-to-noise, and up to a 10-fold improvement in limits of quantitation over previous-generation mass spectrometers. The significant increase in sensitivity, together with the unrivaled selectivity and analytical peak capacity made possible by ion mobility separations, allows the SYNAPT G2-S to identify and quantify sample analytes at lower concentrations than any other high-resolution mass spectrometer and easily and routinely reveal details about complex samples that were previously difficult or impossible to obtain. Introduced at the 59th ASMS Conference on Mass

StepWave ion-transfer optics technology employs a revolutionary off-axis design for dramatically increasing the efficiency of ion transfer from the ion source to the MS analyzer, while at the same time actively eliminating undesirable neutral contaminants. The resulting sensitivity improvement is critical, for example, in metabolite identification where the goal is to find, identify and quantify all metabolites in a sample. Experiments like these can be performed for the first time at biologically relevant concentration levels which gives the chemist a much more accurate quantitative and qualitative understanding of the molecular system of interest to better aid the drug development processes.

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