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Sell your LC/MS/MS but continue to use it!

A "Sale-Leaseback" allows you to FREE UP BALANCE SHEET CAPITAL you already invested in LC/MS without losing the ability to continue using it. It creates a cash injection for on-going investment or operational growth

How does it work?

You, as the current owner with clear title, agree to sell your LC/MS/MS to McKinley Scientific for a fixed price.

McKinley Scientific agrees to lease the LC/MS back to you under a fixed-term lease agreement.

Benefits include:

- The ability to free up balance sheet capital invested in instrumentation to finance business expansion,

reduce debt, or return cash to investors.

- The ability to continue to use the LC/MS.

- A fixed-term lease agreement that locks in expenses.

- The ability to deduct lease payments as a business expense.

- Transfer the risk obsolescence by selling now

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